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Aviation festival at the airport ?Korotych?

August 27-28, 2016, Ukrainian Aviation Day was celebrated at the airfield ?Korotych? located near Kharkiv. Two days in a row the best pilots of Ukraine showed their skills. You could see more than 10 types of small aircraft (Yak-52, Yak-18T, HAZ-30, AN-2, Su-31, AN-28, Po-2), as well as a helicopter Alouette and the only Ukrainian […]

Will Ukraine be able to reform?

Has she bitten off more than she can handle? I for one would like to see her succeed and help make Ukraine a mode l for other nations to fallow.

She’s a Beautiful, Passionate Voice for Ukraine, But That’s Not Enough

More than 8.3 million people have seen Yulia Marushevska’s video from the Maidan uprising, but now she’s got to face down the bureaucracy she’s supposed to control.
Her task is daunting considering politicians the world over lie and take bribes to further their own careers and fatten there wallets. I for one would like to help her in her quest to make Ukraine a model country.

Russian invasion

As the politicians continue to push for a peace deal Putin takes yet another city in eastern Ukraine. Putin has not denied there are Russian troops or equipment in Ukraine he calls them volunteers. Soon he will build up more troops to take Mariupol so there will be a land bridge to the Crimean peninsula, taken over by Russian troops who were not Russian until after the theft was complete. As the world watches Ukraine is slowly falling into Russian hands and Europe will do nothing. America has a joke for a president and Europe can not afford to call it an invasion as they will have to stop buying Russian gas. Russian president Vladimir Putin will continue to wage war until he is defeated militarily or politically. What leaders fail to recognize is there is a different mind set and way of thinking in the Slavic regions.

Ukrainian war and fight for freedom

As Russia tries to take more Ukrainian territory they lie about what they are doing to Further there own interest. Make no mistake these are not separatists trying to become part of Russia,they are Russians fighting a war to take more Ukrainian territory ( just like the soldiers in Crimea forcing a vote at gunpoint to join Russia) . Ukraine is calling them terrorists to give cover to the rest of the world. Europe does not want a full scale sanction of Russia as it will destroy what economy that is left. The American president has no interest in doing anything except raise money, vacation or golf. As Ukraine pleads to the rest of the world for help they hold talks. Europe has no interest in loosing big sectors of there economy or the gas that Russia supplies them. The American president has no interest in developing or even helping Europe with the gas or any other natural resource. Putin understand full well he can say what he wants and there will be little or no calling him out on his lies. As my Ukrainian friends say ( much speaking and nothing do, need do and nothing speak. ) The Ukrainian people are fed up with government corruption and it seams the new president is making a move to try to stop some of it. There will be elections to change the people who represent them and write the laws for Ukraine. The military has to depend on volunteers to equip them in there fight against Russia. Even fuel for the vehicles is taken from the government reserves so as to keep it from going in the pockets of underlings. We have received many requests for assistance in purchasing basic equipment such as flack jackets, helmets, rain gear and even backpacks for soldiers. Some are undergoing training and some are already in the fight.

Vinnitsa Ukraine fountain

Vinnitsa is in western Ukraine located on the Bug river 260 km west of Kiev, with a population of around 400,000 it is small provincial city. With Europe's largest Video fountain resting in the bed of the river it is a site that must on any list for a tour of the city. Vinnitsa is also known for there dancers as they have won many competitions and performed with the Ukraine nation dance team. A few of the songs are regional in style and performance.

Rubles from Russia

As Russia pours rubles into Ukraine to finance a protest they are the only job in some areas. Since Russia took Crimea they are attempting to duplicate the actions in more areas of Ukraine. When you need to eat and the only job is protesting you take the job. Send a couple so called former troops in and you have yourself a city or whole peninsula. The vote will be done the same as Crimea, men with guns will ensure you vote and do it correctly. Most will be paid for votes others threatened or pressured into voting correctly. The fate of Ukraine rests in the hands of its greedy people who take bribes and get paid to protest. The blood of those who have fought to free Ukraine is on the hands of those excepting blood money from Russia. Ukraine has fought for freedom and independence now they are selling there country for a few rubles from Putin. Ukraine even has a word for the Russian youth who are paid to come and protest, unless Ukraine starts to have some sort of visa rules for Russians they will always be under threat from Russia. When your own people will sell there country out for greed and a few rubles from Putin they will never be free. Ukraine will need to find a leader who can unite the people for a love of Ukraine that will override there greed.

Russia invades Ukraine

Russia has closed roads and surrounded Ukrainian military bases in Crimea. Ukraine has suspended military flights over its territory. Ukraine is and has requested help from the do nothing American president and the world community. I fear even with agreements from America and others they will be left to defend them self from Russia once again. President Obama has spoken to his friend Putin and it seems Russia will still invade. Journalists are forbidden to enter as roads are being closed. There have even been attempts to make trouble and take over other city's, Kharkov had some Russian youth try to take over a government building but were turned away. Russia uses paid youth to make protests and trouble when told to do so. Russia sent berkut to Kyiv and they failed now Russia has a chance to reclaim Ukraine and will attempt to do so. As Russia keeps testing the international community and how they will react, he is making it clear he intends to invade the rest of Ukraine. Roads now have guards flying Russian flags on all roads leading to Crimea. The guards and I suspect Russia have claimed Crimea is now Russian territory. My only hope is the international community will act quickly and harsh to allow Ukraine to keep it territory. I fear Russia will take Crimea from Ukraine, the only alternative is for Ukraine to oust the Russians from the military base in Sevastopol.

Ukraine protest

I spent some time considering If I wanted to post about the maiden protest, some are calling it a revolution. Ukraine courts and government officials are corrupt and more so than most of the European union. In the Eu police and a few government agency's will take a bribe to keep you out of trouble, but in Ukraine they actively look for some one to get money from. The courts help those in power steal houses, business,or land from the people. Here is a video from the Maidon protest.

apartment in Kyiv

It might be a bit of a shock for some but accommodations can be small compared to the west. since hotels can be quite expensive we normally do like the locals and rent an apartment. Our links page has a few places to look at for a place to stay. Starting price is around 60 dollars and up depending on how many rooms and location. For a hotel the airport hotel is probably the only reasonable rate I have found at around 50 a night.

apartment in Kyiv

It was only a studio apartment or as it is called in Ukraine a one room. This one was westernized with hot water on demand and a jacuzzi tub. A word of caution, not all apartments have hot water on demand. Hot water in Ukraine is normally only available during certain hours.


Happy New year

As the New year arrives I hope all the readers have a great new year. One of my favorite things to do on new year is snowboard as well as eat some tasty traditional Ukrainian dishes. My wife has prepared some Ukrainian hamburgers made from turkey as well as salad, soup with sausage and rice with tomatoes and chicken. We will have some tomatoes and pickles we canned from our garden. At the stroke of midnight we will watch the fireworks on the mountain as well as a toast. We will prepare some coffee with cognac for our toast as we video and take photos. Here is a small sample from Bukovel.