Svetlana Yasutko

I was born in family with strong family boundaries My parents always been together in love, support each other in good and bad times and I raised happy child .I graduated school , then I got high education in university. I am traditional Ukrainian lady which means that in family man will be head of family, I will always proud to him , always will listen to him , always will do the best for him , he always will be only one man in my life, I will take care of him and our family, I will always take care of our family house, take it in order , any time my husband back home Ill wait for him in a good mood and always will be food which I cooked by my hands on table, I with pleasure will show him my love and only to him in our family bedroom, Ill be sensitive and will pleasure my man best way.I will be with my Only man in good times and we together will go through troubles . Always!That is family for me , that is how lived my parents , my grandparents.

Looking for... Sometimes in this lifetime, we meet a special soul, who fills our very essence, to almost overflow, we drink the cup of friendship, it tastes like ruby wine, and you know within your heart, this meeting was Divine.This soul that lives within your heart, no distance can prevail, an inner spark, within the heart, becomes a Holy Grail, the starting of a journey, in which you both shall be, a reflection of each other, for all eternity.If You such man who search for clean and honest relations and who want to have lady in his life ,his part and who also want to be part of my life . Please answer me May be we are create for each other!

Nickname: 1065
Site: fiance
Age: 22
Sex: f
Height: 68 in
Weight: 123 lbs
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Nationality: Ukrainian
City: Nikolaev
Country: Ukraine
Education: High
Occupation: Beauty
Religion: Christian
Smoking: No
Drinking: No


I love to be creative. I am always playing music, writing poetry, or making some art-work.

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Age: doesn't matter t


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