I can seem the hopeless romanticist, but I really believe in love, and I know that it exists. And I know that in relations for both for woman and for man so important understanding, kindness and care...

Looking for... I search not for an ideal, and the man, possessing both advantages, and lacks which on my firm belief give to each of us the certain charm. In fact lacks do us excellent from each other. The only thing that I would like, it that we with it had similar purposes that we with it is not simple on one road, and in one direction went and that our unique individualities, merging together, supplemented each other, doing our union unique and indestructible.

Nickname: 368
Age: 28
Sex: f
Height: 166 in
Weight: 63 lbs
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Very Long
Eye color: Black
Ethnicity: White/European
City: Kherson
Country: Ukraine
Status: Divorced
Education: University
Profession: Financist
Occupation: Economical faculty.
Religion: Christian
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Zodiac: Aquarius


I have everything to feel myself absolutely happy: the confidence of tomorrow and study which brings to me pleasure to learn new, the cozy house and friends who love me and understand also the remarkable my son, he is a sense of my life. But it is only at first sight as I don't have a person who would fill my life with laughter and pleasure who would make my life comprehended and spiritualized.


I like to read and I am fond of psychology I think that it helps to understand better nature of human. I love books and travel, music and cinema, aroma of coffee and rain noise, a smell of flowers early in the morning and laughter my favourite person, thoughtful sunsets, whisper of the waves when they roll on the sand , and a fragrance of the trees blossoming in the spring, reminding that life is beautiful! That tomorrow will come a new day and will bring a new hope, hope for happiness.

Looking For

Age: to 55

Ethnicity: Not important


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