Anna Efimenko

I am kind, cheerful, and sincere girl.Very sympathetic, purposeful, sensitive, creative. Sometimes I speak too much itis because I am very emoutional. It isnot indifferent to an opposite sex. I amvery passion person and I put it in allstuff that I like to do. Seldom I listento councils of others. I am optimisticand tend to find something positive inany situation. You will see me cheerfuland laughing rather than depressedwhatever happens. My smile can lighteneverything around and make others happy.

Looking for... I am searching for serious and honestreal man who is able to create familyand to receive the love and happiness.He should acts like a gentleman but helets a woman to be weak and desired atthe same time. He should be is verydifferent and sometimes spontaneous itwill make our relations more bright. Heshould be the romanticist, be able careof the girl. My future husband issociable and wise man he knows how totreat his beloved and will do his bestto make his honey happy. I want to sharemy love, tenderness and care with manlike I describe.

Nickname: 720
Site: fiance
Age: 21
Sex: f
Height: 64 in
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Gray
Nationality: Ukrainian
City: Nikolaev
Country: Ukraine
Education: High Unfinished
Occupation: Student
Religion: Christian
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially


My hobby is photos, I like to photographpeople and the nature, it isn'tprofessional it is for myself. I like tobe engaged in creativity, I do all bythe hands. I am engaged in dances. Ilike to go for a drive on a horse. Ilike in tourism and travel. I like tomake a gifts very much also do it by myhands. I love entertainments and spendfree time with friends. I like to readpsychological books.

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Age: doesn't matter t


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