Anastasiya Konyukova

Romantic, can easily burst into tearslooking at some movingfilm.Vsegda forward to a happy-end, not only inmovie, but in life. I believe in miracles, and loveat first sight. Holds, inspireconfidence and know how to keep secrets, it is very stubbornand eccentric, emotional, cold tounfamiliar, I stand forfairness, I know whatwrestle. Hesitant, oftenmodest, sometimes capable of being rude.

Looking for... Good, smart and generous) Manfor which I depart from this stupidSite!

Nickname: 595
Site: fiance
Age: 19
Sex: f
Height: 67 in
Weight: 117 lbs
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Green Grey
Nationality: Russian
City: Kemerovo
Country: Russia
Education: High Unfinished
Occupation: Financial Services
Religion: Orthodox
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially



Looking For

Age: 21 to 29


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