Never married lady with brown eyes and black hair.

Looking for... Of course Im not looking for a man who cries in the end of the movie Titanic, but I want to be with some heedful person next to me, who can feel his lady, he knows when its good to tell some joke, when he should support her or give some flowers, its very important to be attentive to people aroundIm like a flower which needs care and love, and I will never say NO to my man when he needs me.I search for spiritually strong man, who can hide me and protect.and when his woman stumbles he lends a helping hand.(preferable age: from 25 to 90).

Nickname: 978
Site: anastasia
Age: 21
Sex: f
Height: 69 in
Weight: 123 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
City: Odessa
Country: Ukraine
Education: Student
Occupation: Manager
Religion: Russian Orthodox
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially
Zodiac: Leo


I have a healthy life-style and this is my interest, I go to the beach very often(even in winter I like to walk there), I dream of quite walks with my beloved one, holding handsAlso I like to run on the hot hot sand which burns my feet and then to jump into the cool and fresh water.Im very glad that to be healthy is fashionable today, more and more ladies go to the fitness clubs or start to do some sport. Sport saves us not to be depressed and stressed, its very important nowadays, time of technology and information. Only healthy woman can give a healthy life to her kid!I like animals, because they give us a lot! We drink their healthy milk, we use their wool etc we should be very thankful for that!


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