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Finding a mail order bride part3

Part 3
As soon as you have decided what web site to place your profile on, you will receive letters immediately. You will also get invites for video chat every time you log on. Agency’s will send form letters out to new and active members. They are supposed to only send letter from lady’s who are searching for a profile similar to yours. The goal is to get you to visit the agency as they believe once there they can find you a suitable partner. The truth is in a lot of cases more often then not they are successful.

Chances are the she has not seen your profile and will not know what you look like until you arrive. Most are to busy to stop in the agency and view the profile of every man who writes them. Very few men who write to a foreign lady ever actually show up. The way it works is the agency will call the lady tell her what your letter says and then get her response.

So now you have made contact with a few prospective candidates, it is time to weed thru the ones who are not serious. Here are a few things to look for when writing your new found friend. Those who have a little knowledge of this type of dating call these red flags. If a lady professes she loves you in just a few letters move on. If she asks for money delete her email’s, never ever send money. If you receive a letter about a dream she had of the two of you together might be a red flag. If she will not give her contact information this could be a red flag also. If she does not answer your questions in her email this could be a red flag. most know that if you do show up and meet them they will spend some money on them for things like flowers dinner out and maybe excursions to local venues.

Now that you know a little about the letter writing the next post in our series will be preparing to meet your new found friend.

Finding a mail order bride part2

Here is where I explain a little about the different sites for finding a potential partner or as it is known soul mate.

The pay per letter web sites can charge any where from 5-20 dollars depending on how popular a particular lady is. After a certain number of letters they will allow you to have her personal contact information, normally after 25 or more paid emails or they will offer an express service that you pay 50 dollars for. These type of web sites normally are not recommended because of the cost. As most people know it can take quite a few contacts with different individuals before you find what you are looking for.


Finding a mail order bride

I have around 4 years experience dealing with web sites for dating these beautiful women . I will start with debunking a few myths about the process. First these girls do not fall at your feet because you are American. Second most would rather stay in there own country and not travel half way around the world to live. Third they are not all poor and desperate looking for a night in shining armor to rescue them.


Heading to Bukovel

As I make plans for my next trip to Bukovel in the Ukraine, there will be six of us going to the Carpathian mountains to snowboard. We have decided to stay at Bukovel a relatively new resort in Ukraine. the closest rail station is Ivano-Frankivsk there is also an airport. we will meet the rest of our party in Kiev then travel by train once there we will take a bus to Ybalunytsya to book our hotel. Normally we recommend renting an apartment due to the price and lack of hotels but this region has a lack of accommodations all the way around.


Ukraine holidays

I am writing a little about both Christian and Orthodox Christmas. first comes the Christian Christmas then on January 7 you have Orthodox Christmas that is also celebrated in Ukraine. Do not be fooled by the fir tree that is a new years tree and is celebrated as an even bigger holiday.

New years is quite a big holiday with people walking around with saint nick or as its called in the western world Santa clause hat. almost every city will have decorated trees and a fireworks display for new years. it is celebrated with friends family and a lot of food. the best part is most Ukrainian women are quite good at cooking. you can expect they will go all out for new years with soups meats cheese and if your lucky a goose.

Are Ukrainian men so bad?

Websites, agencies, and many of the Russian-speaking women themselves tell stories about the unsatisfactory behavior of Russian (also Ukrainian, etc.) men as husbands. The leading complaints are alcoholism and infidelity. I will add to this list, abandonment after baby arrives: I personally have heard this from several women; it happens so often, that there is even an expression for this that translates to "crisis of the firstborn."

These stories are important, because they are one answer to the question, "why is she willing to consider married life to a foreign man, in a foreign land?" And those answers are important, because we wonder whether the main motivation could be economic/lifestyle (which could leave us as discarded stepping-stones on the way to her life in some land of milk and honey).


Writing ukrainian girls

To Write or not to Write,

that is the question You may look at this title and think to yourself, what is this article all about. We all start our correspondence with FSU women by writing to them, weather it is in a form of an email or through letters via an agency. When you start writing, how many of you find that the woman you are writing to still lives with her parents, as although this seems odd to our western society, to FSU families it is normal, as many cannot afford their own place, as a friend of mine pointed out, most FSU women work to eat. Now I will come to the point of the title of this article, how many of us men who are corresponding with FSU woman, have actually written to the woman's parents, from what I have found out, hardly any will do so.


Ukrainian Web cam girls

Ukrainian Web cam girls

I have spent some time interviewing customers and the girls themselves to get a little insight into this industry. I am not here to judge or condone this activity just inform. I posted a thread on a message board to find out what the men dating girls from Ukraine and the former soviet union thought. The reaction was mixed mostly leaning towards it depended on the situation and how much trust they had in the relationship. It was the same for girls who were strippers. I also interviewed some men who use the services of web cam girls, in most cases they seemed to have a connection with there favorite lady.


Visa free to the Eu?

Visa free to the Eu?

The top agenda for a summit to be held by the European union will include talks about visa free travel for Ukrainians. Over the past few years the talks have slowed until now, it seems the framework is in place to allow Ukrainians visa free travel to the European union. The frame work includes reforms in Ukraine on corruption, democratic reform , human rights and rule of law. There is also some areas of co-operation in energy transport, justice, liberty and security.


Escorts in Ukraine

The Femen organization in Ukraine has often brought attention to escorts and sex tourist in Ukraine. It is quite controversial since these girls seem to protest topless or nearly nude. It is illegal but a thriving business in almost every city, the exact number of sex tourists seems to be unknown for the most part. There are well known places to pick up an escort or order one online in English or Russian. There are places that cater to English speaking clientele but the majority seems to be Russian speaking customers. The going rate depends on if you speak Russian or not 200 seems to be the number depending on where you are from, 200 Euros if you are from Europe 200 dollars if from America and around 250 grivna if from Ukraine. In my research there did not seem to be any difference in the quality of girls from the different web sites. I was told some sites even have customer reviews. I enlisted the help of a friend in my research who is a web developer for the adult industry giving him a first hand look at how it all works.