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The truth about mail order brides

First there is no such thing as a mail order bride, you cant just pop a woman in the mail and have her arrive at your home. Every country has different rules about imigration, in the US you have to prove you have met in person within the last 2 years to be eligable to file for a visa.  Second you can get scammed if you dont keep your wits about you. The numbers for the success rate for foreign brides is a lot better than for American mirages. Foreign brides only have  20% rate of divorce versus 50% of American , over a 5 year span. Of course successful relationships are not what people want to see on television so you wont see much on it unless you really look.

I was successful in a search to find a soul mate. I did not limit myself to just one country state or region in my search. I am quite busy with limited time to develop a relationship. I used mostly what is known as internet dating using the popular company's such as match, plenty of fish and a few international sites. I had some memorable dates and enjoyed myself with quite a few of the potential candidates. I think this search lasted 3 months before I narrowed down a few requirements that I wanted in a potential wife. of course I was doing this whole thing backwards. after deciding exactly what I needed in a relationship I narrowed my search to Ukraine were the odds of success were in my favor.

I tried a few of the internet sites and made a few contacts in my travels and I found you needed some local contacts to be successful. I compiled these contacts into easyukraine.

A little time in Ukraine

As many travelers know Ukraine is full of beauty and wonder for the curious traveler. I have seen many things in Ukraine from incredible views from the cliff over looking the Black sea to 17th century churches. Snowboarding in the Carpathian mountains last winter has me planning my next trip. Sitting on a beach in Yalta sipping wine and eating lunch as the waves roll across the pebbles was quite relaxing. Walking in the capital Kiev and stopping at a cafe or sitting on a bench watching people walk past can open a persons eyes and give you a small taste of the culture. As I explore more of Ukraine it leaves me yearning for more and planning my next visit. I had had the honor of tasting some home made food on quite a few occasions and I have to say I was impressed with the flavor. Most dishes are fresh vegetables with mayonnaise. The fruits and vegetables have quite a good flavor to them which surprised me the first time I tried them. I have tried the local restaurants and some of the chain food, I prefer Ukrainian over over the chain restaurants. As I travel Ukraine I am constantly amazed with every new adventure.

Euro 2012 update.

As summer comes to an end and the Olympic stadium is nearing completion for the Euro 2012 football tournament, the opening celebration plans are well under way. The stadium is set to open October 8th with great fanfare and publicity. The finals for the Euro 2012 are to be held in Kiev and if time permits I plan to attend a couple matches.

Bus from Boryspil to Kiev

Soon there will be no more worry about getting a bus to Kiev from KBP. As some of you know the drivers who call themself taxi driver hurrass you from the moment you enter the airport. For those of us who know how to take a bus to the trainstation just jump on the Metro to access the whole city for 2 Grivna. Soon there will be a direct bus route from the airport in Ukraine to the capital Kiev. Here is the latest news.

Kyiv City State Administration is to organize a bus service between Kyiv and Boryspil airport, the press service of the Infrastructure Ministry has said.

According to a press release, a relevant draft law on amending Article 7 of the law of Ukraine on automobile transport was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on August 31.

"The proposed amendments to the above-mentioned draft law will improve the procedure of organizing and conducting tenders for passenger transportation by public buses," the document reads.

where to stay in Kiev

As some of you know finding accommodations in a foreign country can be a challenge. We here at easyukraine travel all over Ukraine looking for services and accommodations for travelers. Some who have traveled to Ukraine in the past have noticed the lack of English in the country with, the Euro 2012 quickly approaching signs have started to appear in English. The people of Ukraine are quite friendly and hospitable. People who have traveled in Ukraine know it is more economical to rent an apartment for there stay as hotels can be quite costly. Recently hostels have started to spring up in Kiev, we here at easyukraine have searched the internet to bring you a list and location including reviews of each. below is a link to all the information you will need to decide what hostel is rite for you. http://www.hostelworld.com/hostels/Kiev/Ukraine/Map

Ukraine travel tips

As some of you may know it can be quite costly and or difficult when traveling to a foreign country. In Ukraine a large percentage of the population still speaks Russian and almost all signs are still in Russian, with the Euro 2012 quickly approaching some signs are starting to appear in English. The metro has quite a few signs in English now and most of the restaurants have menu's in English, sad to say not all have English speaking staff. We have compiled a small list of taxi services that have staff who speak English on our Kiev travel page. You can expect to pay a little more as the meter may run a bit fast. Locals negotiate a rate before getting in or having a taxi sent. I have had no problems getting any place in Kiev for around 10 dollars except during peak hours. I normally just take the metro since it is very inexpensive, we have a map in English on our travel pages. Khreshatik is the main road in Kiev where everybody goes. You can also find one of my favorite company's there, free tours Kyiv there is a link to there site on our links page. Our links page only contains a list of agency's me or my staff have used or can recommend to our readers. Since we do not derive revenue from our links page you can be assured we only link those who's services we do or will use.

Our travel pages have a few Ukrainian city's listed where have have personally traveled, including pictures and some helpful information for traveling around Ukraine.

Finding a Ukrainian wife.

As I ponder all the ins and outs of traveling and the time spent searching for just the rite lady, I find it difficult to decide where to begin. With the internet being used in household all over the world is it any wonder it can be such a great tool when considering a Ukrainian bride. I guess I should start with the different ways to contact a nice lady from Ukraine. there are literally hundreds of dating sites for Ukrainian women including some that are specific to certain city's. there are quite a few free or low cost web sites where you can become a member and contact lady's, most use a local agency to send them profiles of the women. this type of web site allows agency's to charge money for services such as the introduction, interpreter, transportation and lodging. the next type of web site allows direct contact with the lady you wish to talk to.

For a first visit to Ukraine I would suggest finding a low cost agency to make some of the arrangements for you. There are also what is know as romance socials where for a few thousand they will basically hold your hand during your stay. It is no different meeting women in Ukraine than any other country around the world.

clock in Kiev

If or when you decide to make your first visit to Ukraine I would suggest having a few contacts as a backup plan, we have a few low cost and reasonable agency's on our links page. we also have lady's from a few of the agency's on our dating page, I would recommend Elena's models (direct contact). Quite a few agency's will charge a premium for there services so expect to pay a little more for there accommodations, transportation and interpreter.

In Kiev the capital of Ukraine you can find apartments that are much cheaper than a hotel and they have English speaking staff. they can also be a good place to inqure for interpreter since some can be reasonable. In Kiev I would expect to pay no more than 15 dollars an hour for an interpreter unless it includes a driver. In smaller city's I would expect 5 dollars an hour but wouldn't make a big deal out of paying 7. for transportation the locals ride the bus or metro since it is so cheep, as for taxi I would expect no more than 12 dollars to any place in Kiev. One word of caution make sure you contact your financial institution before you travel so they dont put a hold on your credit cards and ATM card if you use one. If you take cash make sure it is new unblemished bills as they wont accept older and defaced money.

Me in Kiev

Euro 2012 volunteers.

Ukraine is in need of volunteers who are fluent in English, the first problem they must overcome is Ukrainians are not accustom to volunteering. As Ukraine prepares for the Euro 2012 they are in desperate need of volunteers who are fluent in English. they have attempted to teach English to law enforcement officials but its a daunting task considering the lack of time. I have even had business associates ask if I know any people who speak fluent English so they can employ them. I am an avid traveler to most of Europe and have trouble with some of the accents and slang in a few country's my New Zealand friends come to mind. Americans are quite unique in that they will always volunteer but 2 months is a lot to ask considering you have to cover your own accommodations, Most volunteers know they will cover the cost of food and accommodations are normally very inexpensive or free. I wonder if Ukraine will find the number of volunteers needed to help assist the influx of tourist for the Euro 2012 football tournament. As for me I would be more than willing to meet new people from other country's and volunteer if, I could acquire the time from my current employment and of course informing all my readers.

Avoid Ukraine dating scam

As an agency owner of khersongirls.com acquaintance agency in Kherson, Ukraine, I do not hire or allow ladies to join in order to make money. In fact, I don't allow my male clients to send ladies money though my agency in order to avoid these type of working ladies. There are many agencies out there that do. Most often, if you find an agency site and the agency owners or office address is missing, it is best not to join.

For those men, and I meet a lot of them,who buy the ladies and then get upset when they don't get their money's worth, I can only say: I'm sorry, I wish you had taken my advice. No agency can make a claim that the ladies on their site are sincere. I don't make such a claim. I can only advise the men on how to deal with the ladies and what to do if money becomes an issue. I have removed many ladies and men from my site because of money issues. Typically, the men will make the offer to the lady and the lady, having no money, will accept it. I have never seen a poor person reject money from anyone. It is very unprofessional to classify all agencies as scam agencies. Take time and research a site. Look at their engagement photos. Make sure the site is current and contact the owner. And most important: don't send a stranger money. If you want to buy a lady, there are agencies for that. When looking for marriage, treat the lady the same as you would treat a lady to whom your mother introduced you. I've been married for 10 years and have two children with my Ukrainian wife. Here is my advice:

1. Keep the wallet closed.

2. Treat the lady the same as you would any lady from your hometown.

3. Go looking for a best friend. Once you find her, then marry her. I did.

4. Follow the top head and not the bottom head in making decision about a lady.

5. Don’t use a website that doesn’t provide you with the owners' name and phone number.

6. Use google.com to research any site or lady for comments.

I hope this helps.



Euro 2012 update

With only 371 days to go the Euro 2012 tickets are sold out. as Ukraine prepares for the tournament volunteers to help with the tournament are being selected. The Euro 2012 football tournament should be a big boost for the lagging economy in Ukraine. with 2 stadiums nearing completion and construction in every host city Ukraine is benefiting from an influx of investments capital. Kharkov has finished its new terminal and construction is well under way for a new runway, Kiev Boryspol has finished its new terminal also. L vov has finished the new roof and and construction was able to continue all winter long. Next is rail and road infrastructure for the influx of fans and teams for the tournament.