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Another way to find a bride

I found this on Gawker and I have to say I know a few men who have had success using this method. I also know a few who have used sites such as Fiance and Elenas models with some succes.


 How American Men Are Using the Russian Facebook to Find Brides

A few weeks ago, I created a profile and logged onto VKontakte, the most popular Russian-language social network. I entered some personal information, uploaded an especially flattering picture of myself, then used the search function to find all single women between 25 and 35 in Ukraine who were online at the moment — around 7:30 p.m. Ukraine time. There were more than 10,000 available, all sorted by a rating system which seemed to be directly proportional to the amount of pictures a woman had posted of herself in a string bikini, and how good she looked in said bikini.

Spring travel destination

As spring arrives and the sun starts to bring its warm rays the planning is well under way for a spring adventure in Ukraine. The cost of a flight has risen and with the Euro 2012 close at hand and the prices for accommodations have also risen. The train schedule for resort destinations remains unchanged for this year so far but subject to change as things get underway. As the tulips bloom and more flowers start to make an appearance thoughts of romance start to fill the hearts of many single women in Ukraine. The beautiful women start to dream of destinations and fairy tails of magic moments with that special some one. Even those who are married start to think of romance with there other half. Spring can be a special time for travel with that special partner. I prefer Odessa or Crimea as it warms quickly with The Black sea bringing its warm embrace to the beaches. In just a few short weeks the beaches will be full of tourists and family's enjoying the warm water and sun, for now the beaches are not crowded making a stroll along the water seem like you are the only one there. Walking along with that special some one can create the feeling of being the only two people in the world. I prefer Crimea as it warms more quickly and seems almost like a private resort with very few tourists in the spring.

Finding and dating a woman in Ukraine.

To tell you the truth meeting a woman in Ukraine no different from here. You have to look out for gold diggers and girls who just want a shopping spree. If you use an agency beware of paying for an excursion to see or visit another city. The girl will be told or sold on the idea by making it a shopping trip along with seeing whatever it is you went to see.

I know of one example where I wanted to see a water park in a nearby city so I could write a little about it. The agency offered to make it an excursion so they could make a few dollars, well since I really didnt have time to work and arrange the transportation myself I said ok. The lady I was meeting at the time was from this agency so I of course offered to take her along with a visit to the zoo. I soon received a call from the agency telling me the water park was closed and we could still see the zoo, I figured what the hell I can write about the zoo and get a few pics. I made a quik phone call to a friend to look on the internet and see when the place in question would be open. Needles to say I was not very surprised when I found out it was in fact open and we could go. Soon after we arrived in Kharkov we took the Metro to the center close to the zoo. Of course they wanted to walk around the center and look for clothes to buy. The lady also brought her daughter along who wants to keen on the idea of shopping on my money. Well needles to say I didnt buy shit except zoo tickets. The moral of the story is even the agency will try to coerce the girls into taking trips under the guise of shopping for them.

The facts are there are some beautiful women in Ukraine and some are honest but beware an agency trying to turn them into shopaholics. Ukraine is full of decent women who would be a perfect and loving wife but it takes time money and a lot of work to weed out the bad apples. My advice learn some Russian take a few vacations and learn the culture. The exchange rate is very favorable and there is a lot of interesting things to see and do no matter what your taste. If you want to meet a woman and not deal with an agency try Elenas on our dating page or the banner on the right side. You will need to buy a membership but you will not need to pay per letter or translation.

There are some things you need to be aware of such as only give flowers in odd numbers. Just learn a little about the culture and don't dress like a slob. As in most of Europe the men dress a lot better than there American counterparts.

Prices have risen

It seems with the Euro 2012 approaching the cost for all the services have risen. Even in Sumy where my family and friends are, they have reported prices are starting to rise in Preparation for the football tournament. UFA the governing body has asked Ukraine to help with the rising prices and the government has responded by saying they will not allow hotels to overcharge. The facts are there is a shortage of hotels in Ukraine making them go for a premium when there are big events. I normally rent an apartment due to the high cost of hotels in Ukraine. Most locals will also rent a flat due to lack of hotels. There are several new hotels under construction but Ukraine will still fall short of the demand. This web site was created to help tourists save some money and not get ripped off when traveling to, in and around Ukraine. For an event such as this and the shortage of accommodations I expect prices to continue to rise as the tournament is under way.

Buying a house in Ukraine

I found this on another site and thought it would fit nicely on our blog.

I have just over 10 years till I will retire and will spend half a year in Ukraine. Prices of property, house/apartment can depend on where you are from. As with most country’s the economy in Ukraine is not in great shape so the price of housing is slipping. You will be told the price is on the rise and it is a great investment. Foreigners are charged a premium for any housing purchase. The going rate in Kyiv is around 1300 m2 but advertised for 2000 or more. Older houses that need updated should run around 900 or under. I prefer Crimea or as it is called Krym, prices are still fairly low. I will update as the hunt continues. I have found a few places on the web were they offer property at what is normal pricing for locals. Most sites that locals use to start getting an idea about what to buy are in Russian, some do not translate if you try any of the translate page software. A lot of the information about the direction of the real estate market is outdated by a couple years. The market in Ukraine was thriving a few years ago and owners were reluctant to sell at a price people were willing to pay. Foreigners would on occasion still pay a premium fueling the outlandish pricing advertised on the internet. I have found that the advertised price in Russian versus what is advertised on predominantly English speaking web sites can be as much as double. If you are willing to take a risk on a new project under development you have a good chance of making some money if you decide to sell upon completion, it can be risky tho as there are plenty of scammers out there. from Lesonlife.com

This article is being updated as his search continues.

Top five travel destinations in Ukraine

We have carefully chosen our top five travel destinations in Ukraine. We consider them all a must see if you plan to spend a few weeks in Ukraine. It would not be difficult to spend a week exploring and enjoying any major city in Ukraine but we have compiled A list of our favorites. Our top five in Ukraine are Kiev is number one, Lvov is number two, Odessa is number three, Sevastopol is number four, for our final destination Yalta. We chose the order based on ease of travel since we are a travel site. We recommend when possible traveling to each city on our list by train as most are over nite and have sleeping quarters. I would recommend buying second class tickets so you have room for luggage.


For most people the capital Kiev is the first stop after the airport. For a start in Kiev I would recommend the free walking tour from free tours. You can check there web site for operating hours and where to find the tour. You will get a brief view and history of a few sites along the main street, they also offer guided tours to some of interesting sites around Kiev. Our Kiev page is full of places to see and things to do.


Lviv was founded in 1256 located along the Poltva rive it was used a Jewish ghetto during world war II. We chose Lvov as number two because of transportation issues with southern Ukraine. A flight from the newly redone international airport in Lviv can be a bargain. I would recommend flying to Odessa from Lvov because the train ride might be as much as 24 hours unless you can find a direct train in the summer. Lvov or Lviv as it is sometimes called is quite interesting and popular for tourism with its 13th century churches and architecture from many different periods. You can take excursions to castles and old world war II structures. The cafe's and shops can be quite enjoyable and since it is a normal tourist destination you will have no problems finding a local tour guide or tourist company to show you around. A few days in this unique city is a must for anyone looking to experience some of the culture and history of Ukraine. Lviv is also listed as a UNESCO heritage site.


Odessa founded in 1794 is number three on our list it is quite unique with its open air clubs along the beach. This city can be a lot of fun and many cruise ships come from the Black sea full of tourists. The Opera house is world famous for its design and acoustics. It is also famous for its outdoor market the seventh kilometer market, I am sure you can guess why it has that name. Unlike most of Crimea the beaches are sand and the famous Arkadia beach is frequented by tourists and locals as the place to be.

Next (number 4) we chose Yalta or as the locals call it the most expensive village in Ukraine. Shrimp, sunflower seeds, baklava!” That odd beach vendor chant is the sound of summer in the Crimea, a small Ukrainian peninsula that juts into the Black Sea. The vendors make their way past sunburnt bodies occupying every inch of the coast, offering Turkish honey pastries or Russian salty shrimp as an appetizer to a sumptuous holiday of contrasts. krym pronounced cream is the southern peninsula of Ukraine, Yalta is situated in the southern side of the peninsula. The Black sea brings warm southern air to the region giving it a Mediterranean feel at a fraction of the cost. The drive along the coast with it rocky cliffs makes for some great breath taking scenery. The area is famous for the signing of the treaty that ended WW II. You can still visit the palace where it was signed. They are also well known for the spa's and treatment facilities located in the region.


Finaly our final destination. 

For the best blend of sand, pebbles and history, head to this active naval base for Russian and Ukrainian fleets. Built by the Russians in the 18th Century, the town still stirs passion about who it really belongs to. Recently, in exchange for cheaper gas, Russians extended their lease of the fleet till 2042.

The town itself does not feel Ukrainian. Whitewashed government buildings, concert halls and battleships line the horizon, and there are elaborate monuments celebrating Russian feats of war. The place has a noble feel reminiscent of the former empire.

In the west of Sevastopol, the Greek ruins of the city of Chersoneses date back to 5 BC. Apart from collecting prenatal pottery pieces (there seems to be no restriction against it), locals and tourists can enjoy a refreshing swim in the rolling, blue waves of the Black Sea -- so called for the color of its deep waters densely populated with algae.

Winter in Ukraine

My favorite time to travel to Ukraine is the summer but I am a fan of snowboarding also. I spent some time in Bukovel trying the slopes out and I throughly enjoyed every minute. I would recomend you plan at least three days if you want to really explore the slopes. Bukovel is one of the biggest resort in Europe with more slopes than I could ride in three days

.Taxi in Bukovel

The old world charm of the area is quite nice. You can ride in a horse drawn carriage or wagon, do excursions in the Carpathian mountains. They have a lot for the tourist and it can be very inexpensive compared to the rest of Europe.

vacation in Ukraine

If you would like an exciting and unique vacation try Ukraine with its rich history and culture I am sure you will not soon forget. The exchange rate makes Ukraine a very affordable vacation destination. Lets start with how to fly to Ukraine, the best way to get a deal is fly durring the off season. Spring, fall and winter are the best times to get a great deal on a flight to Ukraine. The best way to book a flight to Ukraine is start three months in advance and book on Tuesday after 3PM when the cheap seats go onsale. Un sold seats are hevily discounted on Tuesday after 3PM. If you would prefer the beaches of Odessa or the Crimean peninsula in the summer the same rules apply but be prepared to spend a couple hundred more on a flight to Ukraine.


Hostels in Kiev

I have done a little research on hostels in Kiev Ukraine to bring you the most recent updated information I can find. Below is a list of hostels including phone numbers,directions, prices and amenities. These are subject to change depending on the season and I am sure for Euro 2012 prices will jump quite a bit.

Chillout Hostel, 22B(ve) Gorkogo Apt. 35( 380 93 755 0711, 380 93 332 4306) HostelKyiv.com Hostel, 28 Yaroslaviv Val, 4th floor, apt. 13 (City center), ☎ 380 (94) 925-00-20 (info@hostelkyiv.com).

Hotel Saturn, 2b Geroev Kosmosa Street (Kiev, 03148), ☎ 38 044 403 32 63. checkin: 13-00; checkout: 12-00. From $30 per night. Kiev Backpackers, 18 Krasnoarmeyskaya Apt. 15 (In the passage opposite of the KinoTheater Kiev), ☎ 380 96 997 8398 (bookings@kievbackpackers.com). Located in the City Center of Kiev with English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian staff. Dorm beds from 5 Euro.

Kiev Central Station, 25 Gogolivska Apt. 15 - Closest hostel to the Train Station ( 38 098 669 4783) Kiev City Center Hostel, 5 Pushkinskaya str., 2nd floor, apt. 9, ☎ 380630418953. This is a cheap and good located hostel in Kiev city center and the first and only ECO friendly hostel in Ukraine. They have tours like (ICBM), Top Secret Nuclear Soviet rocket base and AK47 gun shooting tours. Free WIFI internet, SAT TV, beer and vodka on check-in and bed linen. Hot running water at all time (most hostels don't have this in Ukraine), two showers and two WC, free book exchange, pub crawl tours and tourist information in English, Russian, Ukrainian,Spanish, Swedish, Danish and German.

Central Hostel, 5 Pushkinskaya str., 2nd floor, apt. 10, ☎ 380630418953. true hostel made for backpackers by backpackers in Kiev one minute's walk from Kreschatik Street. Hostel is in a historical tsar era building, renovated to cater for the 'flash packer.' 24 hour hot and cold water (not all hostels in Ukraine have that) and multi-lingual staff fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Swedish, and several other languages operating a 24 hour reception. Facilities include a luxury lounge area where you can relax, have a drink, listen to music, and watch over 380 DVDs on a plasma TV with surround system, play games or just read books and magazines. Also provide free maps, tourist info and guides and free tea and coffee all day.

Magic Bus Hostel Kiev, 31 Saksaganskogo str., 2nd floor, apt. 3, ☎ 38097-336-03-03. Cozy and welcoming hostel in the heart of Kiev. Walking distance to the main street Kreschatik and railway station. Uniquely designed room. Professional & friendly staff.


We have restaurants and hotels listed on our Kiev travel page.

We have found these quite handy when we travel.

Romance tour to Ukraine

As some of you know one of the main reasons men travel to Ukraine is to see if there is any truth in what they have herd about Ukrainian women. A lot of men travel to Ukraine to try to meet what they consider the perfect woman for them. One of the many methods men will use is called a romance tour, one of the biggest tour operators is called AFA a foreign affair. They host them in quite a few country's including Asia, Russia, Ukraine and Latin America. There are full service tours or you can just attend the social. The full service tour includes a flight and accommodations in each city you travel to. In every city you will have what they call a social kind of like a cocktail party with dancing, drinking and food. The place will be full of beautiful woman and have interpreters for the men. You can choose women from a catalog of local women with profiles attached or you can choose them in advance from there web site along with the lady's they have invited. They have one week or one month tours that cover most of Ukraine or Russia. You can also just do the social of you are in the city they are holding the event. One thing is for sure, you will have more dates in a few days then you will have in a month under normal circumstances.