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Crimea also called Krim

Crimea is one of the top travel destinations for those looking for a Mediterranean feel at a third of the cost. It is slowly gaining attention from experienced travelers and those who have a love for adventure. the National Geographic has rated it among one of there top destinations. 

Playground of the tsars

"Russia needs its paradise,” Prince Grigory Potemkin, Catherine the Great’s general, wrote in 1782 urging the annexation of Crimea, and no wonder.

The Crimean Peninsula, with its voluptuously curved Black Sea coast of sparkling cliffs, is paradise—with Riviera-grade vistas but without Riviera prices. Balmy with 300 days of sun a year (“It is never winter here,” said the writer Anton Chekhov, who had a dacha near Yalta), the place served as the playground of tsars and Politburo fat cats. Russians practically wept when, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Crimea was pulled out of the orbit of Russian rule and became part of an independent Ukraine.

Playground of the tsars

"Russia needs its paradise,” Prince Grigory Potemkin, Catherine the Great’s general, wrote in 1782 urging the annexation of Crimea, and no wonder.

The Crimean Peninsula, with its voluptuously curved Black Sea coast of sparkling cliffs, is paradise—with Riviera-grade vistas but without Riviera prices. Balmy with 300 days of sun a year (“It is never winter here,” said the writer Anton Chekhov, who had a dacha near Yalta), the place served as the playground of tsars and Politburo fat cats. Russians practically wept when, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Crimea was pulled out of the orbit of Russian rule and became part of an independent Ukraine.

A window into Sumy Ukraine

Here is a small window into one of my favorite reseruants in Sumy. Port Royal is an upscale eatery with live entertainment and decent food with Ukrainian flair.

Port royal

The entertainment changes with each visit.

musician port royal

Yes there is a ship in the court yard

ship in the courtyard

Dating agency's on the way out?

As more and more Ukrainians have internet acces (around 70%) will it bring an end to the mairrage agency's? As more people gain acces to the internet and translation programs do they need a dating/marrage agency.? As popular as internet dating is in most country's will Ukrainians move away from local dating agency's. Face book has almost ended dating web sites and they have had to reduce the cost and offer more than just contact with there users. Ukraine has a version of Facebook called vkontakt that is a copy of an older version of FB.


I am sure some of the more popular on line international dating sites will start to rethink there pricing and what they offer in order to stay competative. As more things are very low cost or free on the internet I am sure prices will start to come down in this sector. I guess the human ned for love and companionship will keep them going for years to come.

Crimea (Krim)

Crimea bordered by two sea's has a Mediterranean feel. September and October are excellent times to travel there since most of the tourists are gone. Prices are lower and the temperatures are still warm with the Black sea bringing warm air from the south. Bordered by two sea's the sea of Azov and the Black sea it is quite picturesque. Along the black sea you have cliff's and pebble beaches and along Azov you have sand. Azov is the shallowest sea in the world and has beautiful sandy beaches but most prefer the warmer southern areas of Crimea.

Visa how to

So now you have met that special some one the next step it to bring them to be with you. The process is time consuming but quite simple once you understand how to do it. There are free resources available at visajourney web site along with help from those who have gone thru the process. There is a list of documents that are required in order to obtain the visa along with certain forms depending on the type of visa. The quickest and most simple visa is a fiance visa, a spouse visa is a little more time consuming and requires more documentation.


The fiance visa will result in more cost over time but is quicker and allows all unmarried children under the age of 21 to fallow or immigrate at the same time. The spouse visa has special rules on children over the age of 16.


The documentation required varies depending on the country of origin. the basics for a fiance visa require you to prove you have met in person within the last year. The fiance visa is not considered an immigration type visa so requires less time and documentation. At the time I filed we waited about 8 months for the interview and visa. After the visa is issued it is valid for 1 year and can only be used once to enter the country. The wait time can only be estimated, it is like throwing your documents in a black hole, then out of the blue you are notified you are approved for an interview or they need another document. Since every country varies on what documents and wait time we recommend visajourney. One word of caution, since you will only be able to estimate ( within about 2-3 months) when the visa will arrive planning a big wedding is impossible. Once your fiance arrives you have 90 days to get married. After the marriage you will need to start the process to obtain conditional residence called adjustment of status(referred to as AOS). If you file the documents for travel and work permit at the time of the adjustment of status they arrive in about 2-3 months in most states. Then you wait for an interview, the time varies depending on what state you live in(time tables are available at visajourney). States who do a lot of them normally take more time as apposed to places like Ohio who seem to be fairly quick for government standards. If you decide you wish to be married before applying for the visa, it requires more documentation and time. The rule of thumb is about 2 years and since it is considered an immigration visa the green card will be processed upon arrival. The burden of proof is on the petitioner, You will need to prove it is a real marriage and not for a green card. The mountain of paperwork that will be required need to gathered by both parties. I would recommend checking what documents will be required before contacting an attorney to help. All documents will need to be gathered by you and your spouse and the lawyer will only fill out the boxes on the forms. There are certain cases were it is prudent to get legal help but as a general rule you and your spouse will still be doing all the work. As a rule double check every document you send and every document you receive. The process is time consuming and papers do get misplaced at immigration. We had a couple documents lost or misplaced by immigration but we have plenty of copies because we were prepared. The people we did talk to were friendly and knowledgeable but were restricted because of the regulations in place. There is set criteria in place that needs to be met in order to obtain a visa or adjust status. The criteria is not imposable but can be time consuming. I hope this helps, good luck to all those who have chosen this road.

Unfortunate myths and rumors about dating Ukrainian ladies

It is no secret that rumors about dating Ukrainian women abound. But are these notions actually true? Surprisingly to some, most of the rumors about dating Ukrainian women that have been spread around the internet are nothing more than entertaining story lines. In this article, we will dispel these unfortunate myths and give you the real story on dating Ukrainian women.

Rumor and Myth 1: Ukrainian women are forced into International dating

The first myth we are going to bust is the myth that states that Ukrainian women are forced into dating men through these Ukrainian women dating companies. Simply put, nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, there is a possibility that has happened before in the past, but thanks in part to strict regulation and the awakening on the world's consciousness on the world wide web, such operations have all but ceased to exist.

There are many reasons why this myth continues to circulate through modern society, but we will only go into the main ones. First of all, it’s no secret that people love a good, juicy rumor. Something like Ukrainian women is bound to attract rumors, especially for those that are not informed about the subject.

However, if you look at the statistics regarding men who have dated or married Ukrainian women, they completely put out any such notion.

Rumor and Myth 2: all women from Ukraine are after money and green card

The second myth is that Ukrainian women looking to date or marry men from the western world because they are after money. Some like to use the term "gold digger" here. Whatever you would like refer to it as, it is simply not any more prevalent with Ukrainian women than it is with women from any other country around the globe, the United States included.

In fact, it should be noted that women from the Ukraine are even less likely to be gold diggers, since all they are looking for is a husband that will love them and help support them. "Support them" does not translate to "gold digger". Just because they want the support of their husband emotionally does not mean they want him to hand them an unlimited supply of hundred dollar bills.

Anyone who has done any amount world traveling in their lifetime knows that women in other countries besides the United States are less concerned about how much their husband makes, so it is somewhat ironic that such a rumor about dating or marrying Ukrainian women seems to persist on the net.

Rumor and Myth 3: Ukrainian ladies for marriage are masculine

The third myth about dating or marrying Ukrainian women is that they are masculine, even to the point of physically abusing their male counterpart. I almost want to refrain to dispelling this myth because it is so absurd, but for the sake of correcting the rumors that seem to persist, I will dispel it.

There is absolutely no evidence that points to Ukrainian women being masculine or "crazy" when it comes to the relationship with their husband or date. They are more feminine if not more feminine than women from other parts of the world.

A quick search through Ukrainian women to look at their profile pictures should be more than enough to turn their rumor on its head. In fact, gorgeous Ukrainian women are proud of their feminine nature and have no intentions of ever changing that. It’s just not a part of the Ukrainian culture they were brought up in.

Guest post by Krystyna Trushyna

About the author:

Krystyna Trushyna is a Ukrainian intellectual with a deep interest in matters of the heart. In her regularly updated blog posts on ukrainiandatingblog.com and ukrainiandatingstories.com, Krystyna has shown a keen eye for intercultural relationships.

Having a wide range of interests including Sociolinguistics, Gender Studies, intercultural relationships and online dating makes Krystyna the very best personal Ukrainian dating coach on the Internet.

Travel in Ukraine

Today I am writing about some of the places well worth a visit in Ukraine. The exchange rate makes travel in Ukraine quite affordable. One of the biggest problems with travel around Ukraine is the lack of English speaking people. In major tourist destinations suck as Yalta,Odessa,Lviv, and Kyiv there are plenty of people who speak English. These destinations are familiar with tourists so it is common to have travelers who speak English.  There are more sites and places of interest than I can mention in just one article but we have quite a few on our travel page.

A few tips that are worth mentioning are first smart phone use can get expensive if you are not careful. An unlocked quad band phone can save you a lot of money, you can buy a local sim card and some data fairly cheap. Free WI FI can be found at McDonald's and Puzzata hatta restaurants.Check out tips page for more useful information on what to pack.

Mail order bride

I found this Interesting from ukrainetravelblog.

Some ask why I started searching over seas for a potential wife, to tell the truth a friend said I should give Ukraine a try and I should go with him. being adventurous and curious about other cultures I decided to give it a try. Do to circumstances beyond my control my friend could not make the trip so I proceeded with my own plans. I did some research and had some guidance from some who have done this before. I have had experience in travel around Europe from my military days so I had some idea about foreign culture and the need to know a little of the local language. The key to being successful was having a few local contacts to help guide you along the way. I quickly learned that you can save a lot of money by having a few contacts. You can pay $15 an hour for interpreter or $7 by having a few contacts. I wound up with contacts in quite a few city’s as I traveled, I started to write them all down and keep some notes on how to get things done. After my first trip I was hooked learning the culture and exploring the country. For me it was more of a vacation and not really expecting to much from the women I met along the way. I met a few scammers and made some good friends along the way. After about a year of learning the culture and meeting the people I felt I could be successful finding a potential partner.

Free WIFI in Kiev

 Kyiv post reported a few parks are getting free WIFI for visitors.


On July 16 a free Wi-Fi network started operating in Taras Shevchenko Park and on Lva Tolstoho Square in Kyiv, deputy head of Kyiv City State Administration Ruslan Kramarenko has said.

"By the end of summer we're planning to connect Ivan Franko Square, Obolonska Quay, Kontraktova Ploscha and Pozniaky Park to a Wi-Fi free network," the administration press service quotes Kramarenko as saying.

According to him, from the moment the project was launched, over 140,000 people had used this free service.

He also noted that the Kyiv Free Wi-Fi project was launched in the center of Kyiv on May 27. Kyiv City State Administration (Kyiv City Council municipal enterprise) participated in the project, while Kyiv Free Wi-Fi and life:) companies were its sponsors.

"I want to note that the city spent no budget funds for this project. Sponsors financed the whole project. The cost of the project is UAH 2 million," he said.

They now join Hotel's, McDonald's and Puzzata Hata with free WIFI for customers.

Knights in Ukraine

From July 7-9 there will be a competition and demonstration in the outdoor theater at Mamayeva Sloboda. This even called The saber of Cossack Mamay will have competitors from around Europe. There will be a re-enactment and demonstrations of skill used by Knights of old. Cossack Mamay Knight Championship. July 7-9. Mamayeva Sloboda. Hr 40-100, free for kids under seven years